rock pools South Australia
boundary oil painting by stephanie pitcher
As an Artist I seek places that inspire my authentic voice. Where there is a natural yet dynamic collision of elements that create a sense of ambedo - Stephanie Pitcher

Located on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, I am blessed to have the opportunity to explore a rich and diverse coastline. These spaces awaken my senses and inspire me to create art than explores the movement and rhythm of nature. I am drawn to the constant motion of natural elements interacting over time. Water creating patterns in stone. Swirls of sand shifting. Cloud formations and wind currents. Nature in constant motion. The sounds, the colours, the smells, the patterns. What I feel and see.

I use my intuition and instincts to translate my experiences into art; on canvas,  on paper, or into clay. That's the hard bit, to trust your inner authentic filter to turn what you have experienced into a work of art.

It's been a journey to reach this stage of trust. I was always a creative child trying to make things and express myself. I went to art school and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Visual Art and Applied Design, and have been in many exhibitions both group and solo,  but I always struggled to find my artistic voice. Time and experinece, combined with the amazing Fleurieu coastline has helped me find my voice and given me the clarity to express my authentic self and tell my story.

I am a creator, a multidisciplinary artist who creates a variety of art in different mediums. I am always seeking to learn more, and I love doing it! I specialise in oil painting and drawing and have found a new love in hand built clay. There is something very real and grounding about taking a ball of earth and moulding it into a form of expression. 

This is the dream!!